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Immunity Boosters

Our wide range of immunity boosters help to strengthen your immune
system so you can fight any infectious diseases.

Center of Excellence

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides a single-point service for material and equipment characterization as well as predictive modeling.


Our Immunology department constantly focuses on understanding fundamental aspects of immunology in human health and disease.

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Does it feel like you are constantly catching a cold or cough? You just want to protect yourself against all the viral and bacterial infections doing the rounds this season. Want to make sure you are on your A game, and then you are at right place. Immunity will help you ward off infection and ensure the symptoms are mild and recovery is quick. Our immunity boosters are so good at keeping coughs, colds, fevers and asthma at bay, help repair cellular damage, and enhance the ability to absorb nutrition, so that you rejuvenate from the inside out.

Evidence Based

Clinically Proven

Immunity Boosters

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Are you sick of getting sick? An immune booster could be just what you need! Here at immunity 360, we have a wide range of supplements to help support and strengthen your immune system to help support your natural immunity.


Daily Immunity Builder

Innovcare's CDZ is a non-acidic Vitamin C supplement with benefits of Vitamin D3 & Zinc to help boost immunity and protect from cold & flu.

Viral & Covid Protection Immunity Booster

'Immunity' has been the keyword in the current scenario of global pandemic of COVID-19. It is more important today than ever to inculcate the preventive and hygienic lifestyle that can help us stay healthy and boost our immune system.

Men Immunity Builder

InnovGold Soft Gelatin Capsule contains Natural extracts, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids as active ingredients and used as health supplement to offer essential nutrients that is required for optimal health.

Women Immunity Builder

It is a Comprehensive formula of 30 nutrients to support women's hectic lifestyles. It helps support daily nutritional needs for energy production, a healthy stress response, and helps maintain a healthy balanced mood.

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Why Innovcare is India's favourite Brand


Safe and Natural


Clinically Proven


Helps Immunity Boost


Helps Prevent Infections


Provides Antioxidant Support


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We have been in this industry for more than 5 decades and are continuously and consistently contributing towards the health of our community by operating ethically in a sustainable manner. Our CSR activities provide positive impact for our employees, communities, environment of our planet, and for our business. Ensuring strict compliance with all guidelines, prevailing national and international standards in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry is our philosophy.

Lalit K. Wadhawan

Founder & Managing Director

Immunity Boosters For you and your loved ones.

Clinically Proven

Safe and Natural

Innovcare’s immunity boosters are proven clinically of your immune system all year round and are extremely safe for athletes,elderly,children and warriors of the weekend.


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